Key Features

Saleboat is designed to automate as much of your sales pipeline as possible


A Revolution In Sales CRM Technology

Saleboat is the tool that helps you efficiently manage your sales team.

With real-time indicators that let you know if your sales team is working effectively, what they’re working on, whom they’re working on and how well they’re working.

We also create measures to ensure that your clients, small, medium or large, have their relationships maintained with consistent, direct communications from your team to increase brand loyalty.

These features and more serve to automate as much of your sales admin as possible, freeing up your schedule to focus on what matters most: closing sales.

Saleboat is...

  • Mobile-first to ensure efficiency
  • A familiar interface for most smartphone users
  • Built with standards-compliant tools
  • Perfectly scaleable to any size of organisation

Need support?

A Saleboat license entitles you to comprehensive support and troubleshooting to ensure that you're getting the most out of your subscription.

Click here to view the online documentation. Or drop us a message with your questions. Our dedicated support staff are always happy to assist you.

Manage Your Sales Team With Ease

Saleboat gives managers meaningful insights in real time.

See how many meetings a group or rep has scheduled, access meeting notes for detailed client needs analysis and delve into KPIs that are automatically generated by the system, such as conversion rates and length of sales cycles.

Saleboat supports innovative sales management strategies to ensure that your sales effort is performing optimally. Create teams, assign regions, specify prospects to reps and much more, all in real-time and in just a few clicks.

It's also truly scalable, capable of servicing a single sales rep all the way up to an army of reps. That means Saleboat can grow with your business.


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We're confident that Saleboat will revolutionise your sales pipeline. Remember that specific features can be added by request. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about how to get your feature requests including in Saleboat.


Works Wherever You Are

Saleboat is a cloud based sales management system.

Saleboat can be accessed from any internet connected device from anywhere in the world. It conveniently syncs across all platforms and adjusts to the specific device you are using.

No internet connection? No problem. Saleboat will safely store your work and sync once you're in wi-fi or mobile data range again so your important meeting notes are never lost no matter how far off the beaten track you may travel.

We built Saleboat as a robust solution for frequent travellers. If it works for road warriors then you can rest assured it'll work for you.


Every license gives you access to the full suite of features. New features are constantly being added and you will get access to them as soon as they're ready.

  • The full Saleboat feature suite
  • Regular updates
  • Free feature updates
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Full documentation

Need a custom solution?

Custom solutions can be tailored to suit your unique organisational structure. Whether it's a combination of diverse sales functions to high volume of reps, we can adapt Saleboat to your to suits your needs.

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See what some of our users have to say about Saleboat

  • Lynelle
    Brilliant app. It's fast and efficient. It allows you to always have customer information hand on and the notes allow you to quickly check where you last left off. The schedule helps me plan my day more effectively.
  • Chantal
    An excellent tool to help manage clients, and from a management point of view, ensure reps are visiting all clients.
  • Teresa
    I am very excited with the new search button instead of going through client alphabetically. Makes life much easier. If I do have an issue I then WhatsApp support who immediately assists me.
  • Michelle
    As I am a procrastinator, I don't always get to my tasks in time, Saleboat is my daily Bible that keeps me on track.
  • Henk
    Best way of managing your staff to reach their weekly goals. And monthly targets.
  • Charney
    Saleboat helps me to keep track of all my customers so I know what is going on.
  • Cathleen
    Saleboat helps me to keep my days organised, I can always refer back to previous notes of previous discussions if need be.
  • Shalene
    Love the application in terms of customer control.

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